What’s the Big Deal About Products Sold in a Salon?

What’s the Big Deal About Products Sold in a Salon Anyway?

We know this question comes up at lot for people. “Why buy products at the salon when I can shop for less online or find a lower-price alternate at the drugstore?” My answers are based both on the facts of what you’ll get outside of a salon, as well as the reality of managing a small business staffed with gifted and on-trend stylists.

Quality vs Quantity

Salon products available online may be priced slightly lower by $1-3. But what are you actually getting? There are many cases where products found online were either out-of-date, and no longer as effective, or not sold by the distributors and contained harmful ingredients. Professional products are guaranteed GENUINE ONLY WHEN SOLD IN SALONS! 

As for drugstore products, the price may be lower, but the quality for the amount you’re getting isn’t. Even if they do use some salon-quality ingredients, the rest of the product may include fillers and chemicals. Consider how often you have to buy drugstore products versus how long professional products from the salon last. Salon products are more concentrated, so you need less to get the results you love!

EXAMPLE: Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo vs ColorProof Baobab Heal & Repair Shampoo

Pantene: 12.6 oz bottle $8.99.  Pantene’s formula is made mostly of water and chemicals including 2 different sulfates and alcohol.  Using 1/2 oz per wash you get approximately 25 washes per bottle.

ColorProof: 8.5 oz bottle $50.  The ColorProof formula is super concentrated and jam packed with certified organic botanicals,  anti-age technology  (not water) and is Sulfate-free, Salt-free, Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, PABA-free and more.  Using just a dime size per wash you get 150 washes per bottle.

WATCH THIS VIDEO for even more detailed information!

Getting the Most Out of Your Color and Style

Although there are exceptions, most professional brands are more effective when products from the same line are used in conjunction. If you’re spending the money to get professional color, buy a professional shampoo for your hair type that won’t dry out or strip your hair. Moreover, your hair will be more sensitive to heat from styling tools. The right color-protecting products will extend the life of your color.

 Supporting Innovation

Salon Daniel offers high-end service and premium. Countless hours of training and testing occur behind the scenes to help make this happen. For the few dollars you may save online or at the drugstore, you can help support continuing education that keeps our stylists the most innovative and on-trend in their field, and you looking picture perfect.    

Top Sellers at Salon Daniel 

The following products are a real hit with our clients and staff for their exceptional quality and ease of use. Pick them up in the salon or purchase over the phone.

ColorProof Baobab Heal & Repair® Leave-In Treatment: Repairs and rehydrates color-treated hair. From the complete line of professional luxury products designed exclusively for color-treated hair. These next generation formulas combine the latest innovations in ingredient technology with best-in-class ingredients to create a new standard in color care.       

ColorProof SuperPlump® Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner: Add weightless body and fullness, and unsurpassed color and heat protection. Also from the complete line of ColorProof.

Moroccan Oil® Hydrating Styling Cream: Hydrates and tames frizzy hair. Versatile, leave-in cream is a great choice for curly hair because it helps to smooth and repair damaged locks while also controlling frizz. It is infused with argan oil, which provides plenty of moisture, shine, and natural hold.

Not Sure Where to Start? Talk to Us!

Once you come to Salon Daniel, you become part of our family. In addition to making you look gorgeous in the salon, we want to make sure you walk out the door armed with the right products and a complete education on how to use them at home. Ask us anything and give us feedback! We’re thrilled to answer your questions!

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