Skin Care Treatments


(Purchase 6 sessions for $720 = $120 each) An advanced micro-exfoliation technique designed to remove the top most layer of skin and promote growth of healthy new skin cells. Skin feels rejuvenated, smooth and hydrated.

Dermalogic Bioactive Peel

A chemical peel should work with the skin, not against it. Dermalogica has developed an exra strength Bioactive peel, the world’s most innovative peel. It’s unique multi-phase approach powerfully targets fine lines, hyper pigmentation, and acne to take the skin’s health to a whole new depth

Package Series of Four
$600 ($150 each)
European Facial

A thorough cleansing of your skin and pores, including steam exfoliation, a light massage and a customized masque.

Aroma Lift Facial

A revitalized facial treatment using essential oils and multivitamin complex to calm, soothe and hydrate your skin.

Mini Facial

For people “on the go”, a perfect blend of toning, cleansing and hydrating with a customized masque (30 minutes)

Bio Active Peel McLean Virginia

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