Salon Daniel Staff Favorite Products II


A new season calls for a new list of favorite products that our experienced team can’t live without! This time around, we’ve curated a list of products that are a necessary addition to any beauty regimen. Each one of our picks is easy to use and packs a major punch to your normal routine. Pick them up at the Salon!!


Daniel Bechara, Owner and Master Hairstylist
Favorite Product: Salon Daniel Texture Hairspray (formerly Unstyled…renamed) 

Daniel’s favorite product is a staple item in his namesake product line. Formerly known as the Unstyled Spray Texturizer, this light hairspray is crafted with wax and provides flexible hold, intense volume, and defined texture. Infused with elements of Mandarin, Kumquat, Lemon Blossom, and Wild Mint, our texture hairspray is a must-have in any hair arsenal. 

Karina Costantino, Hairstylist and Fashionista
Favorite Product: Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion 

While the care-free bounce of curly hair is always desirable, there are times when a sleek style just fits the bill. Hairstylist Karina’s top pick for these situations is Moroccan Oil’s Smoothing Lotion! This essential product can be used on damp hair before blow-drying and as a leave-in refresher for day old hair to smooth curls and control frizz. With a mix of good for you nourishing oils including argan and Vitamin E, this is a true wonder product where a little goes a long way (a dime size amount is plenty!)

Sarah Wiese, Hairstylist
Favorite Product: Eimi Sugar Lift Spray

We all need one product that delivers superstar results without an extensive tutorial. Look no further than Sarah’s product du jour: Wella’s Eimi Sugar Lift Spray.   Sugar serves as the star ingredient in this volumizing spray, giving lift at the roots, touchable texture, and all over shine. To use, simply spray all over hair and scrunch with your fingers to manipulate into a style you love!


Layla Harooni, Esthetician
Favorite Product: Dermalogica Phyto Replenishing Oil 

Finding the right skin care can be daunting as the industry is ever changing. Simplify your search by taking Layla’s advice on a product that smooths, protects, and strengthens: Phyto Replenishing Oil by skin care expert Dermalogica. This lightweight oil is made of extracts including Rosemary and Chia Seed Oil. It reinforces your skin’s natural protective area and fights against free radicals in the air. Use 4 to 6 drops by itself or layered under foundation to also smooth the appearance of fine lines. 

Lilly Charif, Hairstylist
Favorite Product: Moroccan Oil Re Energizing Spray 

A hectic life calls for a product that can get the job done. Lilly prefers Moroccan Oil’s Re Energizing spray, as it brings 2nd and 3rd day curls back to life. An intoxicating mix of aloe vera, green tea, and argan oil add definition and shine. To use, first spray hair lightly with water then follow-up with the Re Energizing spray. 

Miriam Romero, Hairstylist
Favorite Product: ColorProof Humidity RX 

Since bad weather is a good hair style’s kryptonite, weatherproof your hair with Miriam’s latest must-have: Humidity Rx Spray from ColorProof. The ever perfect multi-tasker, there is nothing this fine mist can’t do! It repels moisture, keeps humidity at bay, and eliminates frizz while providing incredible hold and heat/color protection. All hair styles and types will benefit from this wonder spray

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    November 14, 2016 (1:26 am)

    I want to know what the best products for maintaining color for a light blonde short cut, and also styling products that show texture i=of a short cut and make it shine (and protect the color as well). I’d like Daniel’s products if possible. Must smell yum

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