Salon Daniel: Great Skin with Microdermabrasion

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Microdermabrasion: Great Skin Is Just A Treatment Away

Your face is important; it’s the ultimate first impression. While we try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, sometimes our skin needs a little more than fruits and vegetables. One way to boost your beauty routine is through skincare treatments and Salon Daniel provides a few options. One of our favorites is microdermabrasion. Compared to other facial treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion gives you moisturized, beautiful skin on the first day without peeling.

Microdermabrasion is the process of gently sanding the outermost layer of the skin with a minimally abrasive tool (one made of very fine diamonds, talk about luxury!) This removes a rough, uneven layer of skin and has been used to treat wrinkles, scarring, discoloration, age spots, and whiteheads/blackheads (view video). Our licensed, Master aesthetician, Layla, has over 20 years  of experience in this field and offers a unique spin to the traditional treatment. In addition to microdermabrasion, Layla performs a facial and an amazing head and shoulder massage as an added bonus; this essentially creates a deep cleansing double facial. So while you’re relaxing, you’ll also be on your way to smoother, rejuvenated skin!

The cycle of the treatment is as follows:

1) Cleanse
2) Exfoliate
3) Microdermabrasion (this involves a suction process that pulls away the dead skin as it is being buffered. (The feeling is very slight).
4) Massage of the shoulders, scalp, and face
5) Facial masque
6) Moisturize and protect with SPF

Because we all have different needs, each treatment is customized to your specific preference. Layla uses all Dermalogica skin products, her favorite line, which features a wide range of products created for a variety of skin types. We also offer various grades of buffers based on the delicacy of your skin. 

If you’re wondering how to keep your skin glowing throughout the summer, look no further than our microdermabrasion treatment. Pricing starts at $145 for a single session or $120 each when you pre pay for sessions. Contact us today with questions or to set up an appointment. 

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