Amazing Hair Products Created by Daniel Bechara

  The Signature Daniel Bechara product line is growing to bring you the latest in hair care technology! Want to know what’s right for you? Whether your hair is thick or thin, on the mend, or in need of serious definition, we’ve got the ultimate products for you. We break out a full list of both our new, and tried-and-true, ... More

What’s the Big Deal About Products Sold in a Salon?

What’s the Big Deal About Products Sold in a Salon Anyway? We know this question comes up at lot for people. “Why buy products at the salon when I can shop for less online or find a lower-price alternate at the drugstore?” My answers are based both on the facts of what you’ll get outside of a salon, as well as the reality of managing ... More

Salon Daniel Staff Favorite Products II

A new season calls for a new list of favorite products that our experienced team can't live without! This time around, we've curated a list of products that are a necessary addition to any beauty regimen. Each one of our picks is easy to use and packs a major punch to your normal routine. Pick them up at the Salon!! Daniel Bechara, Owner ... More

Hot August Salon Deals

Come into Salon Daniel in August to take advantage of some mind blowing and hair curling deals for hair, skin and nails, as well as, products and tools. More

NEW Salon Daniel Signature Hair Products

Daniel has done it again!!  We are thrilled to announce the launch of 3 new hair products into the Signature Daniel Bechara hair products line. UnStyled Spray Texturizer Lemon Blossom and Wild Mint intertwine with a sparkling splash of Mandarin and Kumquat. Crisp, green notes of Basic Leaves and Watercress create a garden of freshn... More

Instant Gratification with Hair Extensions

Learn more about the world of Hair Extensions. They come in a variety of colors and textures to create a multitude of looks; Intricate updos, beach waves or just pin straight locks. Salon Daniel has them all!! More

Get SOCIAL to Win a Salon Daniel Beauty Box

Last month on the blog, we highlighted a number of our staff's favorite hair and skin products. During the month of may we are inviting you to "GET SOCIAL" with us to win a box of those products - the Salon Daniel Beauty Box (a $350 value) What's in the box? ColorProof Baobab Three Step System for Hair Repair (travel sizes) Moroccan ... More

Salon Daniel: Favorite Hair and Skin Products

At Salon Daniel, we understand that the most important thing we can offer you (besides our expertise and exceptional service) is authenticity. We stock premium products that make you look and feel great and we firmly stand behind their quality. Why? Because we use them ourselves! Our team's combined experience in runway, editorial, pageant, ... More

Salon Daniel: Hair Color Model Search

SALON DANIEL HAIR COLOR MODEL SEARCH Have you ever wanted to make a fun hair color change but have been hesitant to give it a try? Salon Daniel is offering a fantastic opportunity for some lucky men and women this coming April. Salon Daniel is looking for "models" who are interested in trying out a new hair color, cut and style, like ... More

Salon Daniel: 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

5 Tips For Keeping Your Hair Hydrated This Winter We all know come winter also comes the dreaded dry, brittle, lackluster hair no one person desires. Well, we have come up with 5 secret tips and tricks for you to help keep your hair as luxurious and hydrated as possible. Follow these 5 simple steps and before you know it, winter will be over ... More