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Michele Reiman

Michele Reiman

Salon Daniel offers professional and therapeutic massage therapy sessions
with Board Certified Massage Therapist, Michele Reiman. For over 23
years, Michele has practiced Massage Therapy in Washington, D.C.
area. She specializes in Personalized Full Body Massages, available for 60
or 90 minutes. During the cooler months, Hot Stone Massage (a full body
massage that includes heated stones) for 90 minutes is available. Call
today to schedule your appointment.

Personalized Full Body Massage: a massage session that is customized
to fit the client’s needs. It involves a soothing massage that will loosen up
tight muscles and improve circulation, while also receiving focused, deeper
work on areas that are tense and painful. Available in 60 or 90-minute

Hot Stone Massage: the above description with the addition of heated
stones that send warmth deeper, down into the body for maximum
relaxation. Available only in the 90-minute session.